Member Benefits

Promotion of Affiliate Events: ATU Ontario will utilize all social media platforms and tools to promote events organized and hosted by other ATU locals.

Quarterly Newsletter: A newsletter will be distributed quarterly to all ATU members and its affiliates that provide an updated president’s message informing members of any upcoming events or changes within the organization. It will also feature news and information applicable to the union and the transit industry.

Political Action Support: ATU Ontario will help affiliated locals expand their Political Action Support by assisting them in forming a Political Action Committee that will develop political action materials, organize campaigns, fundraising and public events. Furthermore, they will also assist in gathering political donations that will maximize the political impact of these contributions and develop new strategies to improve current political actions and make changes when appropriate.

Arbitration Facilitation: ATU Ontario will participate in labour disputes and arbitrations where ATU locals are involved in. They will assist in contract negotiations to achieve a fair resolution feasible to the membership.

ATU Ontario Webmail: The ATU Ontario website will allow ATU members create their very own personal webmail to improve communications. This feature will keep members updated of changes to transit by-laws, upcoming events, members’ only discounts, scholarships, general membership meeting agenda, updated collective agreement and other transit related resources.

Website template for your union: ATU Ontario will provide a website template for your union that contains a general description of your local, upcoming events and membership meetings, list of executives, list of important documents and policies as well as links to various resources applicable to all ATU Local members and affiliates.

Call drops for announcements of important news and events: ATU Ontario knows and understands the difficulty of getting your message to all your members — therefore, an opportunity to record call drops for special announcements is now available for all ATU Locals, guaranteeing that all the members in their database will receive these important messages.